Monday, November 22, 2010

Invitation to dance...

Do you know that I sing poems to the pursuit of your search? I make you small but your aim great... I will give you a universe, but you will find it insufficient. You will want to leave it when you do not find within it the sweetness of My spirit. And in this way, I will praise your love, and you My greatness, and we will love each other more and more. We will love each other day and night; and they will say that I am a cheater and that you are crazy. But before this, you will love me as rock and thunder, as sun and wind, as man or woman, as father, mother, child, sky, music, friend and universe. You will always love me in some way... When you are stronger I will stop your plans, your dreams, your hopes. I will take away your friends, your family, your money; as if pruning the fruit tree to improve its fruit; as if pruning the rose bush to strengthen the rose...

And you will come to Me. You will come running to Me. Some will say that you should be careful of Me, that I am a cheater. Again, others will say that you are crazy. But both of us will be intoxicated by the fascination of our love: because I want your love towards Me to be great, and because the love that I have for you is very great...
And you will see that that which I took from you, that I threw at your feet as useless plunder, will become fertilizer for your internal roots, and your plans will be to have Me; My embrace your hope, the world your friend, every being your family, and purity your wealth. O soul! I want to make you light, I want to make you love, I want to make you an angel. Let yourself be within the warmth of My hands. Let Me lull you to sleep against My yearning chest. Allow Me to take you to dance in Vrindavan!

Spoken by Krishna through the pen of Atulananda Acharya


  1. Thanks to remind us this nectar.I think since i read it,"Reason for being" became my fauvorite poem:) Jay Guru Dev
    Jay Guru Deva Atulyananda Ki Jay

  2. Finns även på svenska i Anledning Att Finnas!