Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wisdom in Sofia

I (vasudeva) am right now visiting Brahma in Bulgaria together with Gurumaharaj. I wish everyone could come and see the Bulgarian Nimai-team. They have such a nice place in the middle of Sofia. Gurudeva has given very revolutionary talks here and i have fortunatly filmed almost everything. Those who are curious can visit us in Nimahuset and copy the files to get a good dose of purifying nectar. Yesterday we were in the Rodopi mountains. Incredible beautiful. We visited a hippie-Eco festival there and Gurumaharaj gave a speech about the importance of waking up to reality, to be consequent with your ideals. Then we sang some nice bhajans. The hippies were very happy and we got two new sisters in the family.

Garuda helping us find the way to the temple.

A joyful team preparing for mantra attack in the hippiefestival

Can you see the Aum in the dill?

Two sisters, above and below, got intiation into the sacred order of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Myself (in the background) on the other side of the camera

Gopal Nrisimha, a very serious devotee who in two weeks will get married to...

...Yashoda Shakti, who also is a very serious devotee with divine motherly qualities taking care of all people surrounding her and always caring for Gurudevas health. She and Gopal is proffesionals in chinese massage, and I can tell you that that kind of massage is anything else but sense enjoyment, its extremly painful but very effective :)

Sanketvan Matajee who always makes sure that all devotees are well attended.

We celebrated Gurudevas sannyas day (the day Gurudeva took sannyas from Srila BR Sridhar Maharaj). Brahma expressed our gratefulness that Gurumaharaj renounced the small family (becoming lifelong monk) to be able to accept us all in the family of Acyuta - the infallible Lord.

Attentive listeners

Happy Swami Maharaj :)

This is the nice terass connected to Brahmas and Bhaktis apartment. There will maybe be veg-club and concerts. (the mess is due to construction work). Here Gurudeva gave such a nice class, unfortunatly the wind catched my notes so i cant give full comment on it. It was about Science and spirituality and Gurudeva explained who is a real scientist, in other words someone who is concerned with consciousness rather than matter.

Jouful kirtan swaying the heart of the visitors...

Sharango combined with cello producing the most beautiful bhajans...

Brahma in deep meditation

Dear Sri Giriraj Goverdhana x2

Bhaktin Michelle putting up Yoga Inbound decoration

This painting is a step towards realizing the Eco Veda Park that the bulgarian devotees are working hard to be able to create in the near future. Gurudeva gave the idea and now you guess who painted the picture :)

OKis in Bulgarian language

Flower garland production

Gopal Nrisimha enjoying the best of watermelons...


  1. Jay!!! Nectar, we want more! It's so nice there in Bulgaria one is inspired to move there perhaps! :P

  2. kommer inte po froga kera burfi dd