Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Transcendence in Eastern Europe

(From left: Sripad BV Sadhu Maharaj, Sripad Krishnananda Acharya and Srila Gurumaharaj BA Paramadvaiti)

It is said that the three wise men came from the east so I decided to visit eastern europe to meet them. And in Hungary i found them giving devotees shade from the burning sun of ego-sufferings. It was a one week festival of vaishnava nectar flowing and flooding the area with joy and enthusiasm. I give you some pictures here in this blog to dwell upon. Right now im in bulgaria capital city Sofia (wisdom) visiting Brahma and Bhakti Shakti and there will be more pictures from here. Btw, Sofia reminded me of delhi...

(This is Sri Sri Gouranga Radha Gopi-Vallabha, the beautiful and
very loved deities of Nanda Falva, the farm of our family in Hungary)

Srila Gurumaharaj always in bliss

Vamsi Vadana Prabhu sings like a Ghandharva (heavenly singer)

Goura Shakti distributed mind soothing melodies on his Sitar

Prema Vilas took care of all the sound equipment and will podcast every bhajan sung at the festival, you will get the link when its ready.

Vrindavan-lila making flower garlands for the devotees

Devotees are more revolutionary than even the zapatistas...

This fellow you might recognize, we are hoping he will come back soon to sweden

Sripad BR Swami Maharaj in 35 C heat... hopefully he will visit us in sweden during August

Here you can get a glimpse of our new recruit for Sweden, bhakta Simon, who here got pre-initiation from Srila Gurumaharaj.

Sripad Govinda Maharaj making the Agnihotra (fire sacrifice)

Odissy Dance performance

Of course pizzafestival was there. But i only got 2 piece, torture

Siddhanta Prabhu from New Hampshire in US gave yoga seminars. He is one of those stalwart devotees who has opened up his doors for others to participate in spiritual life.

Incredible Prasadam

RadhaShakti dd from Croatia shared her singing genius

This animal is tricky. She is praying, but what she is praying for is to be questioned. After intercourse with the male, she kills and eats the male. That is a high price for a little sexual enjoyment, but seemingly the male is ready to take the risk. This world has unique features i must say...

Hard workers, Hari and Govinda who both has visited us in Sweden.

//vasudeva db

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