Monday, January 1, 2018

Christmas Tables 2017 (Pictures)

Some pictures from this year's Christmas Tables – a Nimaihuset tradition from 2007 for our friends, each year growing in number. And as the number of visitors grows, so does the energy of love. 

And with the growing popularity, the bookings are coming earlier and earlier. 2016 the record was broken when we got the first bookings in March. 2017 we received the first bookings (3 independent) in January. This year we received the first bookings for the 2018 Christmas Tables from 2 companies before they had left the temple, one while still enjoying the desert.

The guests were very happy and praised the food, and Yours Truly was as usual giving lectures on demand at the tables about the basics of Krishna consciousness.

And as usual, we flew in a devotee from the Berlin temple, to help with cooking and to associate with us and strengthen the bonds between our temples. This year our Godsister Jayanthi Kishori jumped on a plane with her cooking skills and stayed with us for a sweet week. She also took these pictures.

Early guests alone in "Heaven"
(Well, except for the monkeys on Monkey Shelf)

Tight and cozy

Fideli was there as usual, bringing a new friend

The Lounge

Some more dear old friends

The temple room

Raju and his friends – only the third year but always a joy

Bhakta Filip and Chaitanya taking care of the dishing. 
See how Chaitanya's expertly cleaned plate is shining.


By Sevananda das

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