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Prayer for Union with Love for All

Prayer for Union with Love for All

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti's  contemporary interpretation and commentaries to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Sri Sri Siksastakam 

A scientific spirituality which will guide you to realize union that brings you together with others. The Prayer for Union with Love for All is a meditation in poetic form, a process of eight natural steps that reveal how to reestablish our personal relation to Inner Peace and Truth. This healing prayer of Gauranga 1486-1534, was originally written in Sanskrit. This meditation will take you to the realization of your purpose as Mother Earth’s child.

First Verse. With the Pure Name of the Absolute Truth we clean the dust from the mirror of our heart, which hides our relation with the Divine Nature during many lives. We also extinguish the fire of the material existence that conditions our consciousness to experience births and deaths incessantly.
Second Verse. Oh embodiment of love! Your holy names bestow blessings to everyone, and that is why you have hundreds and millions of names according to the relations that you reveal to us at different times of existence. In these countless names, you have invested all your transcendental, individual and unlimited potencies; to chant them, there are no strict rules of place or time. As you are the mercy without cause, reveal it in the way of divine sound; nevertheless my misfortune is not to feel myself attracted by that sacred vibration.
Third Verse. Thus, only the one who is humbler than a blade of grass, more tolerant than a tree and offers divine honor to others without wishing it for him is suited to chant, dance and share these names of the divine love without any distress.
Fourth Verse. Oh, personification of truth! I do not wish at all to accumulate wealth, gather followers, and surrender to beautiful women or to attain any kind of liberation. My only everlasting wish is to dedicate myself, devotedly and without any personal motivation, to your loving service, birth after rebirth
Fifth Verse. You are born from joy, from ecstatic glee. I know I have always been at your service; it’s just that somehow I got immersed in this horrible sea of endless deaths and rebirths. Please, get me out of here and accept me, no matter how far away I might be. Let me be like a dust particle at your sacred feet, which are shinning with purity.
Sixth Verse. My life has always been yours and now I wonder when my eyes will be ornamented with tears of love pouring down constantly just by remembering you. When will my voice fade out in ecstasy and when will my body hair stand on end by chanting your names?
Seventh Verse. You are the one who gives pleasure to my senses. When I feel your absence, a short instant becomes an eternity; tears flood my eyes like pouring rain, and when you are gone, I feel completely alone in this world.
Eighth Verse. This is why my life belongs forever only to You; there is no one else’s. Even though, when by you holding me tight or by You laying your feet on me, I might get hurt; or even if my heart gets broken by Your hiding from me, You must know that You can do whatever You want with me and You will be still my life and soul.

Click  here for the published version and commentaries to the eight verses on the OIDA World Peace Therapy webpage.

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