Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fleamarket in Gårda

The temple-stand is exactly in the middle of the picture 

The hipster-district Gårda where the temple is situated (or manifested) has 2 yearly low-key fleamarkets, quite popular (OK, they're the best in town), in the temple backyard. Hipsters, rave-kids, spiritual people, artists, and some normal people too, passing on various necessities of life to each other at low prices, and having a nice time in the outskirts of the temple energy to the sound of some cool music – this time a DJ selling the records he was playing, sometimes in the middle of a track. And we always serve prasadam – spiritualized vegetarian food. Some pictures from this year's autumn-"loppis":

Abhay Charan prabhu distributing hi-quality spiritualized foodstuff

A prasadam plate hovering above the temple donation box

The pots – there were several refills of those

You have to love her pink heart-glasses


Pictures by Gopika Rani


Earlier fleamarket report with pictures here

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