Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Confined to be free

The absolute Truth, eternal existance a timeless singularity. impregnates with a mere glance the womb of Material relativity Thus this cosmic world, the Goddess of time and space nurtures innumerable living entities, not yet ready. Embryonic experience is very limited. We within time and space are naturaly conditioned. Yet we are all meant to live free. One day we may see nature, our Mother, face to face and rejoice together as brothers and sisters. As parts of one singular family. Whats true is so, known or not by me and you. Truth is, you are, verified by your own experience The ultimate evidence. Perhaps I never was blessed with your presence, yet you are true, alike all living at present. Our seedgiving Father, Truth himself, is not someones relative opinion, but a person with Absolute dominion. A Supreme Love authority with all auspicious qualities. Truth and Natures many children. parts and parcels, infinitesimal, infinitly small units unseen sources of all sight. each of us a confluence of senses, Center observers of five river currents forceful might As consumers we are not yet ready for true family life. Living love in reverse. Here we are, deathfearing immortal beings. in rapt attention we monitor the five river confluence. Trapped in the calculation " whats in it for me" as predators on prey, sharpening our claws we lay upon ourselves a stringent law "survival of the fittest" as they say we are not meant to be consumers but contributers we are not bottomless pits, but inexhaustable fountains meant to emit a life of giving means true living. Let us begin today the ending of reverse living Dying to live truly, longing for our birthday within Into a world where intent forms in an instant where the law is love alone

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