Monday, June 20, 2016

Duality needs a trinity to unite eternaly

our 2 problems in life
diversity without unity.  Hers and his blind competition to dominate over this and that.
All from divorce to ugly war
unity without diversity is the black field behind the eyelids of the indifferent salvationists
 desiring private peace
in caves they try to hide themselfes from birth, death old age and disease

unity presupposes a diversity that has been unified
diversity presupposes a unity that has been divided

The heart of unity is diversity
and vise versa
Wise are those individuals
whose hearts are one with our source persona

Unwise are those averse to our center source
thrown away from the fountain emanation
by some magical centrifugal force

the further away we deviate from the center
the further away we shall be separated from each other

subjective duality without loves shelter
is the many in the circumference that lost memory of the one center
here is the world of the upside-down life story
we are born and grow only to die
where all drama has a certain finale tragedy

Searching to resolve conflicting duality, we pray and contemplate simple divine mathematics 

Duality needs a trinity to unite eternaly

Uni is 1 and div is 2
1+2 = 3
equation 3 is pure love that needs both 1 and 2 to truly come to be
This love story never ends and brings to all delight!
before the beginning, before time! love before the first sight!
we are all children of their love
Deep bluish black and golden bright

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