Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January's Gurumaharaj lectures on Nimaihuset YouTube

Not all Gurumaharaj material is posted on the blog, many lectures are only published on our YouTube channel (but all Gurumaharaj material on the blog and the YouTube channel can be found in the continuously updated blog archive, here). January's Gurumaharaj lectures on YouTube are all from Vrindavan (2000–2015). And there is always a special quality in the lectures from there that makes them extra valuable to listen to, no matter what the subject is. Ecstatic, joyful, revealing, summer-scented, home-felt... So inject your consciousness with an extra dose of vaikuntha sabda, transcendental sound, and make spiritual progress by just listening (sravanam – the first limb of devotional service). Here is a bunch:

* Reading from Bhaktiratna Kara 1 (Audio lecture, Vrindavan, November 2015)

* Reading from Bhaktiratna Kara 2 (Audio lecture, Vrindavan, November 2015)

* The Unlimited Infinite Supreme Lord (Audio lecture, Vrindavan, March 2007)

* One in love (Audio lecture, Vrindavan, November 2015)

* Maha-mantra (Audio lecture, Vrindavan, November 2015)

* Envy (Audio lecture, Vrindavan, November 2015)

* Raganuga Bhakti (Audio lecture, Vrindavan, October 2000)

* The land of Love (Audio lecture, Vrindavan, October 2015)

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