Friday, October 23, 2015

Turning lust into love (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Srila Gurumaharj in a great lecture from Vrindavan 27 mars 2006, about absorbing the mind: in material activities, which lead to bondage, or in spiritual, which lead to liberation, and the goal: love.

"My satisfaction – that is called lust. When our attachment, our desire, goes to Krishna – it becomes love. So what is the subject? Turning lust into love. It's the whole idea of spiritual life, the essence, the substance, the daily struggle. Turning lust into love."

"Why [lust]? Because the natural love for God has not been awakened. So if you have no love for God, there's nothing else but lust; there's nothing else you can take shelter of; your mind will say Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy."

"It's the attachment to lust which keeps us in this material world, and the attachment to love that will take us to the spiritual world. This is how important this subject is. [–] Not only sexual lust, there's also profit lust, distinction lust, prestige lust."

"The idea that you want to enjoy is a very, very strong disease in this material world. And to overcome that disease is only possible by love. [–] Only love can make our heart attached to something higher."

"If there's nobody you can serve and sacrifice yourself for, you feel your life is useless."

"Spiritual attachment is something very special. It's the medicine, the medicine against material consciousness. [–] And spiritual attachment comes from taking spiritual responsibility."

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