Saturday, May 2, 2015

Uniting with the sweet will of the Absolute (Srila B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj)

Srila Gurumaharaj reading Srimad Bhagavatam about the appearance of Sri Narasimhadeva. Beautiful, brilliant, ecstatic.

"You have to give your heart and soul to the Absolute domain of love. Yes, that is the level of the Absolute. The world of love. Which is beyond the desire, hankering and lamenting. The world of love is such a fine domain, that in that world of love, you can actually unite yourself with the sweet will of the Absolute. That is the key issue here. Uniting your soul with the sweet will of the Absolute, Who is always favoring devotion and devotees. [–] He has the absolute good planned out for you, but you want to separate from His will, and want to get the relative good, and make it an absolute."

"He is sweet, and has a sweet will, and He has you included in His sweet will. But you have to surrender to His sweet will."

"Surrender to the Absolute. Surrender from the heart, from the heart core, to the Absolute. Understand, that only in love for the Absolute there is an absolute, positive good, expecting you – you are waited for. The Absolute has created you, and wants you to join the sweet embrace of the Absolute. [–] The Absolute wants your absolute good, because you are absolutely part of it, but because you have the absolute function of the free will, as being a part and portion of the Absolute, you also have to exercise your absolute capacity of decision-making, that 'I want to be in contact with the Absolute, I want to unite with the Absolute, I want to embrace the sweet will of the Absolute, and I don't want to take my mental powers to separate from the Absolute', because as soon as you do that you become confined by the relative. Because in the Absolute everything is one; in love, everything is one."

"When somebody goes into the material world and tries to turn towards the Centre, he's a devotee. [–] The thing is that when there is a friction between those who want to go away and those who want to go to the spiritual world, then the Lord comes, then the Absolute comes out of the Centre, and He says 'Oh, you want to give trouble to those who want to go to Me, who want to come to Me, in the Centre? That means it's a curse upon you. You go further away, you go deeper into illusion, and I will protect My devotees.'" 

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