Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Bhakta Mandus Starring in TV movie!

Nimaihuset's bhakta Mandus makes it to the stars in every home in Sweden this Christmas, playing the drummer in a TV movie in 3 parts about a young rock band! Trailer below – Mandus in the back to the right, in long hair and cap...

Bhakta Mandus is also a great skateboarder – this is how he found us, on the way to the skateboard park nearby, and last summer he made the official trailer to the coming movie (maybe) about Nimiahuset's tent rental business (watch it here).

Fact is that he whole TV-band has been in Nimaihuset, getting stuffed full with prasadam by Yours Truly. Moreover, Ebbot in the trailer above (playing the rock journalist), who is normally the singer of The Soundtrack of Our Lives (recognized as one of the best bands of all times not only by Yours Truly but also by Oasis and Led Zeppelin and others), has also been in Nimaihuset on a Saturday Feast with a couple of other members of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, playing and singing Hare Krishna with us and our guests. And all the members of The Soundtrack of Our Lives are regulars in Restaurant Sattva, the prasadam distribution HQ run by Nimiahuset's Mahahari Prabhu. So this year's Christmas TV-movie is an all Nimaihuset family business!

Watch bhakta Mandus on SVT 1:
25 dec 21.00
28 dec 21.00
29 dec 21.00

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