Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sri Krishna Janmastami Celebration — With Swami B.A. Sridhar Maharaj

I am Krsna, the Sweet Absolute. 
I am the root cause 
of the all-comprehensive aspect of the Absolute [Brahman]
the all-permeating aspect of the Absolute [Paramatma]
and also the personal aspect of the Absolute [Bhagavan] – 
the Master of all potencies, 
who commands the respect of everyone – Lord Narayana of Vaikuntha. 
The universe of mundane and divine flow, 
every attempt and movement, 
the Vedas and allied scriptures which guide everyone's worship – 
all are initiated by Me alone. 
Realizing this hidden treasure, 
the virtuous souls who are blessed with fine theistic intellect 
surpass the standards of duty and non-duty, 
and embrace the paramount path of love divine,  
and adore Me 

Those surrendered devotees take Me as their life and soul, 
and go on discussing My ambrosial narrations among one another, 
exchanging the ecstasies of devotion unto Me. 
They constantly relish the nectar 
of their realized divine relationships with Me 
in their respective internal natures 
of servitorship, friendship, parenthood, or consorthood.  

– Bhagavad Gita 10.8 and 9, translation by Srila Sridhar Maharaj

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