Friday, April 4, 2014

New monkeys in Gupta Vrindavan (2)

The new monkey on the monkey shelf

Recently, the readers of the blog were informed of the auspicious advent of new monkeys in Gupta Vrindavan Nimaihuset (read about it here). Soon after this, Nimaihuset's Padma and Subal showed up with yet another monkey. Somehow or other this monkey had got the essential information, and recognizing two temple devotees, somewhere or other, he kind of latched on to them and, one way or another, communicated his wish to be taken to the temple. For one reason or another, before Subal brought him to the temple, Padma gave him a pair of John Lennon-glasses. 

A monkey with Lennon-glasses in Nimaihuset. 
Two post shots in Gupta Vrindavan
What complex of action-reaction, desire, mentality and consciousness leads a soul to a karmic situation like that? 

Anyway, John Lennon hit position nr 3 on Nimaihuset's Hare Krishna Top 10 list. Maybe there's a connection. 

"All you need is love"


Pictures by Bhakta Tom


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