Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gratefulness and love - Gurumaharaj from Mayapur this morning

From Mayapur

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  1. Wonderful!

    "Krishna loves the people in Bolivia. You think not? Why does he bring Gokula here? Puts him in service in Radha Kunda? You think this is an ordinary thing? You think anything is ordinary? Not in Krishna consciousness. In Krishna consciousness nothing is ordinary. Krishna consciousness means: to see the extraordinary in every thing. If you cannot see the extraordinary in every thing, you are ungrateful. Being ungrateful is the worst thing in the world. Somewhere in Hitupadesh it says, the vultures, they eat anything. They eat the dead carcasses, but they will not eat the flesh of an ungrateful person. ... How do you know if somebody is not grateful? Now you got to be careful with what I say, because it may be a description of you. A person who is not grateful is always complaining."

    "We want to conceive of these things... sorry my dear. Krishna consciousness is inconceivable. The gratefulness is inconceivable. Completely inconceivable. And if you are not grateful, that is also inconceivable. If you are some rascal who can not appreciate that Krishna has given so much mercy to him, who cannot be grateful, this is very, very unfortunate. And if you don't follow the principles, this is the way of being ungrateful. Prabhupada came to bring us the four principles, so that we become human beings. We follow the regulative principles to be human beings."