Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Start of tent season

The tent season has started! 

To make some laxmi (vaishnava slang for money) for the temple and at the same time give people a chance to donate, last year we started renting out our big party-tent. It was interesting and fun — and since it's service to the Temple/Guru/Krishna, it's ecstatic (it works that way, direct reciprocation). This year we continue.

And of course we take timing...
Taking it down is faster than putting it up. In the beginning last year it took something like 4 hours putting it up and around 2 hours taking it down. At the end, with some advanced tent-intelligence, it took hardly 2 hours putting it up and less than 1 taking it down. This year we start with advanced tent-intelligence, and much motivation. And the stop-watch speaks its clear language. Already on the third job we were so fast putting it up that it felt like we were taking it down.

Keep watch on the blog for sporadic reports!

The Tent-By-Night picture above is from the second job, in GrĂ¥bo, 35 km east of the Temple. The happy renters took it and sent us.

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