Friday, May 3, 2013

Simply by Chanting Krishna's Name

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura

From  Amrta Vani  Nectar of Instructions for Immortality

Question 8. When will we understand that Lord Krsna is nondifferent from His holy names?

The Lord’s holy names and the Lord Himself are nondifferent. We will realize this clearly when our anarthas* are destroyed. If we chant Krsna’s names without offense, we will come to understand that by chanting the Lord’s holy names we can achieve all perfection.

When our anarthas are destroyed, while chanting the Lord’s names, then the Lord’s form, qualities, and pastimes automatically manifest. We do not need to meditate artificially on these things. As soon as we realize our constitutional position and begin to chant the Lord’s pure name, we can see the transcendental form of the Lord face to face. The holy names of the Lord revive the living entity’s constitutional position and attract him to Krsna. The holy names actually revive the living entity’s constitutional nature and attract him to Krsna’s transcendental nature. Likewise, the holy names revive the living entity’s constitutional activities and attracts him to Krsna’s pastimes.

All the required functions and activities of a chanter are included in his service to the holy name. We can achieve all perfection simply by chanting Krsna’s name. If we wish to develop a taste for chanting, we should hear and study scripture and cultivate Krsna consciousness.

* Material consciousness contaminations



Krishna is the Source of all, the Supreme Soul, the Superconsciousness – the Supreme Person (consciousness means person).
Krishna's name and Krishna Himself are nondifferent.
Krishna's name is the sound vibration of Krishna.

We will realize that Krishna’s name and Krishna are nondifferent when our material consciousness contaminations are destroyed. 
Realize: Direct experience — "It is actually so".
Our material attachments are destroyed while chanting Krishna’s name.

Krishna's nameformqualities and pastimes are inseparable.
When our material consciousness contaminations are destroyed, then, while chanting Krishna's name – associating with the sound vibration of Krishna – Krishna's formqualities and pastimes will manifest, automatically. 

As soon as we realize our constitutional position  an eternal servant of Krishna (Lord, Friend, Child, Beloved) — and begin to chant His name purely, then we can see the transcendental form of Krishna, face to face.
The name of Krishna revives our constitutional position and attracts us­ to Him.

We are souls, taking bodies, not the bodies.
As souls, we are fragmental parts and parcels of Krishna.
The name of Krishna revives our constitutional nature and attracts us to Krishna’s nature.

The name of Krishna revives our constitutional activities — which material existence is a perverted reflection of  and attracts us to Krishna’s pastimes.

We can achieve all perfection simply by chanting Krishna’s name.

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