Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pictures from Gaura Purnima in Nimaihuset

Gaura Purnima was intensely celebrated for more than 4 hours, and afterwards an opulent amount of fine prasadam was servedThe temple was nicely packed with devotees, bhaktas, friends, and newcomers, and the spirit was high.

Some pictures:

Nimaihuset on Gaura Purnima, with outdoor nightlights in l'heure bleu

Nimai/Sri Krishna Chaitanya got new clothes, in sober, elegant blue, 
made by bhaktin Maryam
(Laddu Gopal to the left dressed up in His most special party dress)

Mahahari das was leading the kirtan and had brought his accordion

Wild kirtan (in Nimai-golden light)
(Rishabdeva das on mrdanga, Siddhanta das on guitar, 
and Subal das just clapping his hands and big smiling)

Subal das gave a lecture on Nimai, the Hidden Avatar, Sri Krishna Chaitanya, who came 500 years ago, incarnating "secretely" (but foretold in the scriptures) for the double purpose of experiencing the ecstasy of His devotees' love for Him, and to show the conditioned souls on the material plane how to be a devotee (chanting the holy name, dancing in ecstasy, singing, and playing musical instruments), and thus be delivered and raised to the highest platform: pure love of Godhead — eternal, ecstatic, ever increasing. (Immensely influential God-denying philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "I would believe in a God that can dance". What would the 20th century have looked like if he had got to hear about Sri Krishna Chaitanya?)


Classic guitar equilibrist Siddhanta das played two new beautiful compositions

Classic iranian santour-player bhakta Behzad 
gave a couple of spellbinding regulated improvisations

Arci devi dasi performing abishek, ceremonial bathing of the Deity, 
to some more wild kirtan
(Vasudeva das on mrdanga, Rishabdeva das blowing the conch shell)

Assisted by Padma devi dasi with peacock fan and small bell

...and some lukewarm rose-scented water... 

And the wild kirtan went on, long after the absihek and later arati (by Prema Dhama devi dasi) were finished. 

And finally, an opulent amount of fine prasadam was served. But at that time no-one took pictures anymore, it was all too ecstatic.

Sri Krishna Chaitanya, Nimai Visvambhara, Gaura, Gauranga, Mahaprabhu ki jay!

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  1. BIG thanks to the Temple president who did an outstanding job orchestrating the night and distributing all the nectarine service to the devotees!
    Lord Chaitanyas sankirtana movement ki jay!!