Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Auspicious Nectar (Nimaihuset News Bulletin): 8000 Drums

8000 drums for the healing of Gaia/Bhumi/Sophia/Mother Earth!

The birthday wish of our Gurumaharaj was to arrange the swedish part of the World Conscious Pact-manifestation 8000 drums for the healing of Mother Earth. A lot of countries, a lot of people.

Krishna gives you Guru, Guru gives you Krishna. Just follow the instructions.
"Kan ja väl", said Arci devi dasi ("Sure I can"). And did.
And Malmö followed, and Stockholm, and the Samis, the New Agers, the hippies, Occupy, Greenpeace, Ojnareskogen, and we don't know.

The police asked Arci:
"What is the purpose of the parade?"
"To claim Mother Earth's rights!"
And gave permission.

The swedish national radio asked Arci questions for five minutes.
"We are claiming Mother Earths rights, to heal her, us, and our future, förstår ni väl? (can't you see?)"

And on the 12th october, the birthday/appearance day of Gurumaharaj, we left all we had on hand and went drumming for Gaia.

(Video by Vasudeva das)


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  1. Bolivia enacts new "Law of Mother Earth" (15 oct):