Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pictures from Sri Radhastami in Nimaihuset

The altar
Sri Radhastami was initimately celebrated with some 10 devotees and two new indian friends of the temple.

Guitar-playing polish sannyasi Swami Bhakti Abhay Sridhar Maharaj, an old and dear friend of Nimaihuset, visited and gave a fantastic, very knowledgeable and inspiring 2-hour-lecture about Srimati Radharani and Radha-dasyam, quoting from many scriptures, both general and confidential, and mixing with bhajans in his very own style and mood (can you imagine Sri Sri Gurvastakam the way a sacral Bob Dylan would have done it after an overdose of Neil Young?).

The lecture was followed by arati and puspanjali, and afterwards some fine prasadam.

More pictures:

The temple room

Kirtaneros Subhal das, Siddhanta das
and Prema Dhama devi dasi

To the right: Swami BA Sridhar Maharaj
And everything turns Srimati Radharani-golden

After puspanjali - the altar bathed in flower petals

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