Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gupta Vrindavan Nimaihuset

Does it look like a projection from Godhead? Well it is. Gupta Vrindavan  secret Vrindavan (Krishna's own abode, the innermost place and state of consciousness). Inside  and outside. The Deities in the temple-room are Avatars, and they bring Vrindavan with them, hidden, veiled.

And it is a fact. In a range of 300-400 meters from Nimaihuset, it's all there.
The Yamuna is there.
Radha Kunda and Shyama Kunda are there.
And yes, Giri Govardhana is there too...
I can not tell you more, but when you walk to Nimaihuset you do pass them all. 
The appearance of them tells us how far out in maya/forgetfulness we are, in Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012.

All Krishna temples are Gupta Vrindavan – the Deities bring It with them. But also, Nimaihuset lies in the area Gårda, which phonetically is Gauda. And Gauda is the district where lies Navadvipthe place where Nimai (Sri Krishna Chaitanya, "the hidden Avatar", the Owner of Nimaihuset) played out his pastimes while on this plane of existence 500 years ago. And Navadvip is, emphatically stated, non-different from Vrindavan.

We quote reggae-legend and Krishna-devotee Lee Perry: "The world is a mystical thing."

Photo by Makhan Chor das

(The art-work by the sides of the entrance door is tree-branches, denoting that you are entering Vrindavan  the forest of Vrinda. Made by Vasudeva das after design by Tulasi devi dasi. Radha Giridhari devi dasi planted the forest flowers – Tagetes  at the entrance.)

/ Sevananda das


  1. Nice blogpost Sev D prabhu. And the logo-art-work in the window is made by Garuda prabhu. Jay.

  2. Wow, really roligt att see the blogg active igen. I will come tillbaka and läsa ofta.
    Hare Krishna!