Monday, October 31, 2011

Govardhan celebration

Past saturday we celebrated Govardhan Hill.
Thanks to all the help from our friends and the mercy from Lord Krsna, there were a feast to remember!
The evening started with kirtan and a moment of reading from the Krsna-book.
Mahahari Prabhu joined in with his expertice in kirtan with Harmonium and lifted the atmosphere higher and higher. Thanks to Upendra Prabhu there were also a class, brilliant!
We also performed a puja for Goverdhan, in the form of a golden Halava-mountain, during livley kirtan lead by Mahahari Prabhu. We finished off the night with top noch prasadam, cooked and served with utter mercy from our dear divine couple Radha-Krsna.

Please come on saturday - don't miss out the best evening during the week!
Heartfelt welcomed to us in Nimaihouse!

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