Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bulgaria fragmentski

I went to Bulgaria some days ago to meet with my Gurudeva Swami BA Paramadvaiti and with all the sweet devotees of Krishna that have just got a new big place in the middle of Sofia. Its beautiful and a very nice atmosphere is surcharging the whole place...

This is the small (9kg) Gopinath. His smile makes everyone happy. A little Brahma junior.

This is Brahma Senior, the proud father and organizer of the event

This is the Papa of us all. Sri Guru who delivered so much nectarian classes and association to us these days.

Even the place is big it was crowded most of the time.

Here you see Bhakta Simon who now have the fortune to be initiated as Abhay Charanaravindam das. This boy will according to the plan come to sweden next year when he finishes his studies. He is very sweet and cool.

Brahma in action during the fire ceremony that was led by Gurumaharaj himself.

Here are some nectar i extracted from the morning class:

The highest reality is reflected by the pure devotees

To understand that we are not the owner is a step towards enlightenment

You cannot decide; i will make it rain, i will never be sick. You are not in control.

The highest enjoyment is to make someone feel real joy in his heart.

Help others understand that all their problems are becuase they think they are the owners of others

Why should i work for my own pleasure when i become so happy by seeing you?

The rightful enjoyer is he who feels that he should work for others benefit and enjoyment. He is also a real disciple. he is a guru.

When you are engaged in service constantly you will be saved from the mental sphere. and it will only last if you love your Guru

Technomusic and football - putting the kids in anastesia


  1. Techno and football- putting children in anastesia? what does he mean by that?

  2. In order to prevent us from awareness of all nonsens going on in the world like cocacola, nestle, meatindustry, war industry, money making, hydraulic fracturing (natural gas poisoning the water) they put out a football infront of us so that we run after a ball instead and forgets that the only way to become happy is to boycot the worst demons in history and all their garbage and start to love each other by informing all our friends that they only way to be happy is to understand that we are not the owners of anything. We are owned by the whole and have responsibility to serve all. For sure music and sports can act as intoxicants to maintain a distreaction from the reality.

    This is what we was talking about when i wrote down those words.