Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bigger ashram in Bulgaria

The knife is very dangerous in the hands of a murderer. But in the hands of a nice devotee like Maha Vishnu Prabhu it helpes to serve the Lord and His devotees delicious veggie food.

Just as we should not blame the knife we should not blame religion. It all depends on the motivation of the person incharge

Inviting the Lord to bless the new ashram and His devotees

Divine chants...
Radheeee Radheee Govindaaaa

All under the guidence of Sri Guru...

The ritual is the meetingplace of the physical and metaphysical realities.

May the Supreme truth personifyed be the center of our lifes...

Listening carefully to the message of love

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  1. wow jay nitai gaura premanande hariiiiiii bol i want even more to come sooner to have the mercy to give my dandavats there :) jay it looks so nice and exiting :) good job !

    see you soon :) actualy in 2 weeks....oh,Krsna....that sounds good