Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Spoon Revolution Operation (Pictures)

To at the same time distribute Prasadam (spiritualized food, more effective than meditation in terms of what stays with you) and do some service to our Gurumaharaj (and this way make progress on our spiritual path, back to Godhead, back to Home) by promoting his project the Spoon Revolution (vegetarianism, for spiritual, consciousness-raising, ethical, environmental, world-economical, and personal health-reasons), yes, to do all these things, we arranged 3 vegetarian christmas tables

So 3 tuesday evenings in december we opened the door to the temple.

A lot of people came.

They were enjoying.

We were serving.

They stuffed themselves full with Krishna-Prasadam, donated to the temple, got pleasurably indoctrinated with the glories of a vegetarian diet, and re-learned how to eat with a spoon. While we made spiritual progress...

Welcome back next year!

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